Recent results of the Zone Paul drilling campaign:  The deposit is bigger than expected 

Saguenay, March 3, 2011. Ressources d’Arianne (the “Company”) announces that all the results of the last Zone Paul drilling campaign are now available, and that the Company anticipates a significant increase in resources.  

All the results of this most recent campaign, combined with those of previous campaigns, confirm that the zone is now known to be more than 1,300 metres in length and that it is still open both to the east and west. The core of the zone is over 400 metres deep and remains open. The average width of the Zone Paul deposit is estimated to be about 200 metres.  

In short, the Zone Paul drilling will allow: 

– Indicating and/or measuring the majority of already known resources. 

– Adding a significant amount of new resources.  

– Better defining the shell of the mineral zone.  

Following the survey of all borehole collars, a new NI 43-101 resource calculation will be determined by SGS Geostat  Inc. and included in the prefeasibility study conducted by Met-Chem Inc.  

The table below lists all the main intersections obtained from the 2010 Zone Paul boreholes:  

Hole no. % P2O5 % TiO2 Length From X m to Y m 
Pau-10-32 6.38 6.23 287.7 174.3 to 462 *
Pau-10-33 7.21 8.76 290.1 3.5 to 293.6 
Pau-10-34 Hors Zone 
Pau-10-35 6.44 9.03 126 306 to 432 *
Pau-10-36 7.95 6.96 42.7 4.3 to 47 
Pau-10-37 7.46 8.56 324.2 6.6 to 330.8 
Pau-10-38 6.69 8.68 215.3 135.7 to 351 *
Pau-10-39 5.54 11.86 48 6.6 to 54.6 
Pau-10-40 6.28 10.69 298.6 4.9 to 303.5 *
Pau-10-41 7.18 8.50 384.4 11.1 to 395.5 
Pau-10-42 5.08 5.46 67.6 4.40 to 72 *
Pau-10-43 6.62 9.38 165.3 159.2 to 324.5 *
Pau-10-44 Hors Zone 
Pau-10-45 6.35 6.63 186.2 2.8 to 189 
Pau-10-46 7.05 8.78 230.2 12.8 to 243 
Pau-10-47 6.20 6.44 77.6 4.3 to 81.90 
Pau-10-48 5.84 14.37 10.40 4.50 to 14.90 

* = Borehole ends in mineralization 

Bernard Lapointe, Ressources d’Arianne President and CEO, commented on these latest results: “We are very confident that this recent drilling campaign will have a significant effect on the intrinsic value of the Lac à Paul deposit. Indeed, the last resource calculations by SGS Geostat Inc. included boreholes to a vertical depth of 240 metres. The 2010 boreholes  clearly showed that the mineralized zone is still open to a depth of 400 metres, which should have a genuine impact on the  resources found in the zone.”  

Canada Phosphate ( ), a full Arianne Resources subsidiary, processes the phosphorus titanium deposits found at Lac à Paul. The deposits are converted into high quality igneous apatite grading nearly 40 %  P2O5 with little or no contaminants. Ressources d’Arianne ( is a Canadian mining exploration company whose primary mission is to explore and develop gold, silver, and other metal deposits in Canada and Mexico.  The Company owns 54 M market shares outstanding.  

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Source: Bernard Lapointe, President Tel: (418) 549 7316 #24

Info: Jed Richardson – Principal Tel: (416) 840 3325 

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