Phosphoric Acid - Potential Vertical Integration

Due to its high purity, Arianne’s apatite concentrate can be converted into purified phosphoric acid for a variety of applications. While the fertilizer sector remains the largest potential consumer, the energy storage market is rapidly expanding, boosting demand for the high purity phosphoric acid required to produce Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LFP) batteries. This, coupled with Arianne’s minimal carbon footprint, positions us as a prime provider for this application.

Location: Port of Belledune (Belledune, New Brunswick, Canada)

The process of phosphoric acid

Invest in Phosphate

Take advantage of the growing demand for phosphate.

Partnership with the Government of New Brunswick

Arianne Phosphate has joined forces with Opportunités New Brunswick and the Regional Development Corporation to conduct a pre-feasibility study and product testing that will allow us to establish a phosphoric acid plant in Belledune.